albino sea turtle

i think u mean soul of the ocean

Fritz Haarmann’s Preserved Head - Known as the “Butcher of Hanover” and the “Vampire of Hanover” was a German serial killer who is believed to have been responsible for the murder of 27 boys and young men between 1918 - 1924. He was convicted, found guilty of 24 murders and executed. Haarmann was beheaded by guillotine on April 15, 1925. His head was preserved in a jar by scientists to examine the structure of the brain. Haarmann’s head is now kept at the Göttingen medical school.

where’s the fucking rent



ok guys so i need to clean out my gif folder but i have some gems in here so heres what im gonna fo

the first 3337 people to reblog this will get a totally random gif in their inbox

obviously if you dont have your submission box open i cant send you one but ill drop you an ask saying it wasnt open

if i have a gif that goes with your blog i may give you that one

I will do this until im out of gifs to give

THAT. Is a lot of Gifs.







Cited Source from Klei’s channel: Webber is Wilson’s son it’s actually canon omg

Thank. }}

I knew it! Those quotes weren’t a coincidence!

Huh…I guess I owe some people five bucks

WHat the Fuck fck this

What a twist. The greatest twist of this century!


i act like i don’t give a fuck but sometimes i care so much it phisically hurts

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